The wrong shape for a heavenly messenger


Chinese Anhui Dialect
The next morning she saw that he had written below her message: “Wife, I missed you. You thought I was asleep, but I was just resting my eyes and thinking about that woman who talked to us in church a long time ago. It has always seemed to me that she was the wrong shape for a heavenly messenger. Anyway, it’s time to stop wondering whether she came from heaven or a nearby town. What matters is this whoever she was, Aunt Esther Gubbins was right.” (Adapted from You Will Have a Good Life from Reader's Digest, Sept, 1993;For the whole text, see

How to interpret the meaning of the colored part, "the wrong shape for a heavenly messenger" ? Thanks!
  • rhitagawr

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    A heavenly messenger is an angel. The woman couldn't have been an angel because she was the wrong shape. Perhaps she hadn't got wings.


    She did not look like someone (an angel, for instance) who God would send to you with a message.
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