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Dépêche Mod (AL mod)
Dictionary Editor
French (lower Normandy)
the def art(before a noun)-ul art.hot.
-a art.hot.
The boy went for a walk.
Băiatul a ieșit la o plimbare.
Fata a ieșit la plimbare.
the def art(before a proper noun)-a art.hot.
I am part of the Catholic Church.
Fac parte din Biserica catolică.

the def art(sufficient)-i art.hot.masc.pl.
When I have the money, I'll buy you a diamond.
Când o să am banii necesari, o să-ți cumpăr un diamant.

Could you also put the translation(s) for the plural forms (eg: "The boys...", "The girls...")?
Also, for all senses, could you put the translations in the same order:
and not give the translations in the example sentences as the first (and only) translations?
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