Their mind(s)? heart(s)?


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"I can't read their mind." seems familiar, instead of "I can't read their minds." Is "mind" uncountable noun here?

"You broke their heart." or "You broke their hearts."? Which is correct?

"Though they died, their spirit(s) live(s) on." ??
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    I know to use "live" for plural and "lives" for singular. I was just asking whether it should be singular or plural in the sentence. Your first reply makes me think it depends on what is meant. e.g. if I think "they" all are thinking the same, or have the same opinion, then I should say "I can't read their mind". But if I think each of them has his own thoughts, then I may be better to say "I can't read their minds"? But I don't remember ever seeing such use "their minds".


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    I have a similar question:

    The teachers put their heart(s) and soul(s) into teaching their students.

    Should I use the singular or plural?

    I think the usual expression is "heart and soul", but here I'm talking about a group of teachers who each has a heart and a soul, so given the context it seems appropriate to use "hearts and souls".