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Hi everybody...
I need to now if I can use the word theme as a synonym of topic???
for example:
The topic is related to traditions and festivals.
can i say...
The theme is related to...

I do not think so but I don't know why...
can you help me, please?
thanks a lot.
  • chicanul

    Senior Member
    I would say probably not...."theme" has more of a meaning of "lema" or something like that in English...the "theme" of an event....I am sure there are minor cases where they might overlap...but it's not widespread...

    EX: "The topic we will cover in class today is..."
    "The theme of the party was retro 80s."
    "The topic of my report will be world hunger."
    "The theme for the Christmas dance was "New Horizons""
    "The theme for this annual report will be "Sustaining Growth in the Third World."
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