Then I'll recede

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Detective Benoit interrogates Linda's father, who died mysteriosuly:

Benoit: May I just, um...Then I'll recede, but...As a self-made man myself, I have to express my admiration for how you followed in your father's footsteps.
Linda: Thank you.
BENOIT: Just marvelous.

What's the meaning of "recede"?
It has so many meanings to it. Which suits here in this context?

Source: Knives Out 2019
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    "Then I'll recede" in this context can very likely mean "Then I'll stop asking you questions' or Then I'll stop bothering you...


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    Are you sure the word wasn't "proceed"?


    I found two scripts that both said recede but I still don't know why. He's questioning a woman in his role as a private detective. He continues with the questioning after he said that. The only thing that makes any sense to me is proceed.
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