1. Jacquitoh New Member

    France - French
    Context : in a commercial proposal written in US-English
    The phrase is :

    Pricing summary
    (Then-year US Dollars)

    Then follows a list of items with prices such as :
    • item 1 $ 20,000.00
    • item 2 (years 2007-2008) $ 10,000.00
    • item 3 (years 2009-2011) $ 12,000.00
    Apparently there is no spelling mistake.
    What is the exact meaning of the then-year words?
  2. Simi Senior Member

    I think that then-year means the year that it was at the time, i.e. the price for the items for the year when it was. For example, 2007: the year when the price was $ 10,000.00. Hope this is clear!
  3. MOT39 Member

    France-Canadian English
    I'm just guessing but then refers to the year you are in when you get there. So, if it's 2010 item 3 will be 12 grand. Can't figure better without more context.
  4. Jacquitoh New Member

    France - French
    Thank you Simi & MOT39.
    I do not feel comfortable with your answers.
    I'm going to wait and see if somebody from the USA involved in large company proposals has a more precise idea.
  5. BMR

    BMR Senior Member

    There is no spelling mistake.
    Google provide a lot of response with "then-year" : Base Year Dollars to Then-Year Dollars.

    Sorry, I've to go ... maybe later ...
  6. BMR

    BMR Senior Member

    I'm back :
    Then-year dollars are current dollars that reflect the impact of inflation over time, such as the dollars in your wallet. Base-year dollars are constant dollars that reflect the cost of the program as if inflation had not occurred (the cost to acquire a multi-year system if you paid for it in advance in one specific year).
  7. Jacquitoh New Member

    France - French
    Thank you BMR, this makes sense to me.
    Anyway, I will take a look at Google.

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