there’s a good lad


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Ho trovato l'espressione there’s a good lad in molte situazioni ma non saprei come tradurla. Fai il bravo ragazzo forse?
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    Ho trovato questa frase per esempio
    “Come away from there, Mac,” said Catherine. “Do not drool on my gowns. Come and lie here on your blanket, there’s a good lad.” She managed to coax him away from the trunks with the help of a good fire in the sitting-room.


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    It's something you say to a young boy to reassure him that he's doing the right thing or to complement him for doing well. SOmething like '"Aren't you a good boy!" or in this case "Be a good boy and come lie down here." I think Fai il bravo ragazzo sounds about right. :)
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