There are <fewer/less> than 50 horses left on the farm

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    Hello there!
    Can you help out with this "conundrum"? Which option is the right one?

    There are fewer / less than 50 horses left on the farm.

    Less is used for uncountable nouns and adjectives and adverbs.
    Fewer is used for countable nouns.

    For me, fewer would be the right answer. However, "less" doesn´t sound so badly here because I´ve heard "less people". I googled it to obtain some insight and the result was surprising!
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    Bibliolept has given you the links to previous related threads. I would just like to point out that

    is not correct. "Sounds" is one of those verbs describing states of being (other examples are "is", "seems", "tastes", "appears", "looks", and "smells") that is usually followed by a predicate adjective. Just as you might say " less is not so bad here", so you should say "less does not sound so bad here."

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