There are many ways to do it

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There is many ways to do it,you can choose easier or you can choose harder way,but it is your choice.

please translate it :)
  • Gemmenita

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    1.kolay : easy
    2.kolayı :easy of that (here "that" is "yollar")
    3.Kolayını : suffix of objet (we say bir şeyi seçmek)

    and the same for "zorunu".

    (both "kolayını" and "zorunu" refer to "yollar" which is not repeated but replaced by " ı " as said in number 2)


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    Hi FlyingBird,
    thank you.Can you explain me why 'yapmasına çok yollar var'?
    i know what 'çok yollar var' mean but dont know 'yapmasına' can you explain all suffixes of this word?
    Yapmasına çok yollar var is not correct here.

    Bunu yapmanın birçok yolu var, en ..

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