There are opportunities to roll on


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Could someone help me to translate this phrase in Spanish? It's in the minutes of a meeting. Someone has asked about the length of a partnership agreement and part of the answer is:

"The length of the agreement is meant for the long term but will be reviewed on a regular basis. There are opportunities to roll on, this is a strategic partnership that we are confident is a positive move for our company."

My attempt: Existen oportunidades para que las cosas vayan rodando / vayan sobre ruedas / vayan bien

Thank you
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    The meaning is not clear to me. What's the industry, and what country is the speaker from? What kind of opportunities are they referring to?


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    It's a multinational pharmaceutical company although I don't know which country the person who wrote the minutes is from. The company decided relatively recently to subcontract a third party to promote some of their products in a specific number of coutries and this has probably triggered some concern among the employees.


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    Hola Cedric40

    Para mí vayan sobre ruedas / vayan bien suena mas natural que vayan rodando por lo menos en España.
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