There are quite a few left / There are quite a lot left

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Hello everyone,

Let's imagine a situation in which I've thrown a party and I want some peanuts. If I asked someone "How many peanuts are there left?", would both of these answers be correct?

A) Oh, there are quite a few left!

B) Oh, there are quite a lot left!

Thanks a million in advance!
  • pmb327

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    How many peanuts are there left?
    How many peanuts are there?
    Are there many/any peanuts left?


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    Interesting. As far as I know, quite is a "mild" intensifier. In this case, it'd be determining a few (some) and a lot (many), so I'd never have thought they might mean the same.
    I would take "quite a few" as meaning "many" but I could also express that "many" as "quite a lot" - sort of a glass half-full situation... :)
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