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In this sentence, what tense would I use for there has been?

In fact, there has been a long list of things that France has blamed on globalisation.

en fait (there has been) une liste longe de choses que la France a blamé sur la mondialisation.

might it sound more french if I invert the sentence

in fact, France has blamed a long list of things on globalisation.

What do you think?
  • Lanimay

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    I would say:

    "En fait, la France a dénoncé beaucoup de choses sur la mondialisation."

    I don't really like the way "longue liste de choses" sounds in French but it is not grammatically wrong, so if you really want to stick with it you can.

    I don't really like the way "choses" sounds neither. It is normally a word I try to avoid in French. However, I can't really help you without the context. Maybe you could say: "En fait, la France en a dénoncé beaucoup sur la mondialisation."

    Hope that helps :)
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