There is a 'break' and 'in between' in surfing?


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Could you tell me what this 'break' and 'in between'?

<We went down to the water and stood on the beach
looking west onto a break called the 'In Between' He gave me a
few tips and then we hit the waves.>

break=an opening? an opening in the sea?
In Between=certain wave? or a place with no wave?

Please help!
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    A break is the spot where the waves are breaking. It may be a point, that is, a finger of land that initiates the breaking of a wave arriving from the open sea, or a sandbar or coral reef that elevates an incoming wave, creating a peak which breaks under the forces of gravity and momentum.

    "In Between" sounds like a name applied to the place by the locals (the surfers that live nearby). My only guess is that this spot is located between two better-known breaks.
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    Thank you, Thelb4

    You mean...wave wave..right?

    BUt the people in the context 'hit' the waves.
    This is why I'm confused.

    My question is simple.

    'Break' wave, or wave is specially high?

    Because wave can make a break=no wave
    wave can hit the pressure and break=high wave

    'break' has muliple meaning to me, non-native speaker.
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