There is a strong case for

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Hello. I would like to know what "there is a strong case for _____" is in Chinese.

Context: There are many things available to women who are concerned about their personal safety, such as mace, pepper spray, or maybe a whistle that a woman could blow on in the event that she feels her life is in danger. Having said all this, there is a strong case for learning martial arts as a form of self-defense. Not only are they good for deterring would-be assailants, they are also a very good form of work-out. They just might help one lose weight, in addition to saving one's life.

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    Mandarin 國語
    打官司若在「理」上站得住腳就據理力爭,若站不穩就爭程序,若沒理又沒程序瑕疵可挑就製造混亂,讓對方亂陣腳以致有理說不清,這就是訴訟的訣竅. 既然「有理」「在理」是贏得訴訟的先要因素,我們說 "there is a strong case" 或某方 "makes a strong case", 是指其有很好的理由,在「理」上站得很穩,很有說服力.

    There is a strong case for learning martial arts. 學武術很在理,學武術有很好的理由
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    A less literal translation may be: 習武防身實在是明智之舉,令色狼卻步之餘還可鍛練身體.
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