There is a suspicion regarding it in our religion

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There is a suspicion regarding this issue in our religion (Islam)

Is it correct and commonly used to say the above underlined fragment in English?

The context:

I don't want to work in banking sector as there is a suspicion regarding it in our religion (Islam). Many people say that we can work in this sector and others say that we can't.
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    I wouldn't say the phrase is commonly used, but it's understandable. However, if my small understanding of Islam is correct, "suspicion" is not the right word.


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    I suppose if you specify the nature of the suspicion, the sentence will be clearer. So you could say, 'there is suspicion about whether the banking sector is above board in the eyes of Islam'. You could replace 'suspicion' with 'disquiet', which might be a better choice.
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