There is or There are a wide range...


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I saw this sentence in an English book for seamen. Shouldn't we use There is instead of There are in this example?

"There are a wide range of maritime books available in the market".
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    That's a matter of opinion. With some collective nouns we use the plural: There are a lot / a number of maritime books... Both "are a wide range" and "is a wide range" would be acceptable to me, but others may feel differently.


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    'A (wide) range of' can be treated as a quantifier, like 'many', so agreement is with the main noun 'books'. But singular agreement with 'range' is also common.


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    Yes. Both are correct. But any verb following must match the singular/plural is/are:

    There is a wide range of books that covers Roman architecture.

    There are a wide range of books that cover Roman architecture.
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