there is thunder. hear it boom


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We may be familiar with the nursery below:
There is thunder
Hear it roar
Pitter patter rain drop
I'm all wet.

Now I want to substitute "roar" for "boom", because I want to help my students to memorize words in word syllabus, where "boom" is listed, but "roar" not. But I'm not sure if "boom" works here. please tell me

Thanks in advance.
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    Thanks, Linkway. Is "hear the thunder boom" grammatically and logically right? I will apply it to practising English only if it's right.


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    Now I want to substitute "roar" for "boom" . . . But I'm not sure if "boom" works here.
    What you mean to say is that you want to substitute boom for roar, not the other way around. Yes, it works. In fact, now that I think about it, the sound of thunder is a lot more like the boom of someone banging a big bass drum than like the roar of a lion.
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