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Hi everyone

By contrast, targeted funding to countries that have an appetite for democratic reform can make all the difference during a critical transition period.

On this front, Tunisia is often touted as the closest thing "there is to "a paragon in the field, as Western organizations like the International Republican Institute and the National Democratic Institute provided crucial training to candidates....

I'm wondering what "there is to" mean? Thank you!
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    "There is to" could be replaced by "there exists to" or simply "to". "On this front, Tunisia is touted as the closest thing to a paragon in this field, . . . "


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    "There is to" should not be read together here.

    Tunisia is the closest thing there is (the nearest example that exists)
    to a paragon of democratic form.

    It could have been phrased "Tunisia is the closest thing to a paragon . . . that there is."

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