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Dictionary entry: there is

Abbie Boothe

It has a note that says: "Incorrectly but commonly used with plural nouns"

Hay is used with both singular and plural nouns. You use plural haber when talking about something two or more people have done.
  • Thanks for your interest in our dictionaries. I think that this note refers to there is being used with plural nouns in English. I will transfer your comment to the team that manages the English base dictionary so they can evaluate whether this note could be clarified.

    Thank you for your message. In fact, I've deleted the note and added a new entry for 'there's' used to indicate something plural. It would be a different register from the standard 'there is', and I'm reasonably certain that it's only commonly used in the contracted form (even I would say something like 'There's five of them!' in casual conversation, but I'd never say 'There is five of them'). I think that translations may differ too where it introduces a plural, so it seems sensible to have that as an entirely separate entry.

    The changes will have to be reviewed by our translations teams. Once that's been done, they will appear in the dictionaries the next time they are updated.