There was nothing that motivated me more than hearing...

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Dear all,
this is from the novel I Believe in a Thing Called Love by Maureen Goo. The narrator (a girl) likes her new classmate Luca. But he allegedly does not want a girlfriend.

Good thing there was nothing that motivated me more than hearing that I couldn’t do something [to win Luca].

I understand the sentence like follows:
Good thing that besides rumors there was no reason to think that I couldn’t do something.

Is my understanding correct?
  • Barque

    No. She means "It's a good thing that the thing that motivates me most is being told that I can't do something".

    She was saying it didn't matter that Luca didn't want a girlfriend. That would motivate her more to try and persuade him otherwise.


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    "Good thing" is an adverbial phrase (= It was a good thing) = Fortunately

    there was nothing that motivated me more than hearing-> the thing that motivated me most was hearing
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