There were a number of reports of violence


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The question we are discussing here is whether the sentence should be:

There were a number of reports of violence


There was a number of reports of violence

I think "were" is correct, referring to the plural "reports", with "a number of" being an adjectival phrase.

My editor thinks "was" is correct as it refers to "number" which is singular, but he wants the entire sentence rewritten since it's awkward with "was".

Any thoughts to clarify?
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    Definitely "were." "A number of" requires a plural. If your editor doesn't like it you can say "there were numerous reports..."


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    Definitely 'were'. The words 'a number of', when they mean "many", are ignored for number.

    cross-posted even down to 'definitely'. Spooky.

    :tick:A number of students were late.
    :cross:A number of students was late.

    Sentences beginning with 'there' don't show number effects quite as clearly, but simple sentences make it clear.
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