There will come/be a time when...

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I need to translate to MSA the concept expressed by this sentence: "There will come/be a time when your children will be happy again."
(It is addressed to a person whose country is now under war.)

Here is my try:
سيكون حين يعيد أطفالكم الفرح

Not sure about هناك: should I put it with future?

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    Thanks Andy. Especially for that من جديد that I had already found before but apparently too few times to get familiar with and remember.
    Your sentence sounds oviously good, but having not been exposed to Arabic that much, I can't tell whether it succeds in conveying the exact "simplicity" as its English counterpart.
    I'd like to stay as close to the English one as possible. You know, I could have also said "there will come a day" instead of "time" in the English sentence and that would have brought a little change in "style" to it, however minor.

    (I'm going to add إن شاء الله, of course. I was just focusing on the sentece. ;) )


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    My try:

    سيأتي يوم يفرحون فيه أطفالكم من جديد إن شاء الله
    Andy, shouldn't the verb come in singular as it precedes the subject, hence يفرح فيه أطفالكم ?
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