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    I want to write "Therefore, a good diet should consist of..." in French. I know how to write all of it, except 'therefore', which I looked up and only found 'donc', but it doesn't sound quite right to me.

    Can anyone help?
  2. mogador Senior Member

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    Obviously you don't like how donc hooks with with the previous part. How about c'est pourquoi. If you don't like it, please provide us with context
  3. Kelly B

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    I'd be inclined to rearrange the French sentence to the equivalent of A good diet should therefore consist of...
  4. candypole Senior Member

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    Donc is fine, whether at the beginning of the sentence or rearranged as Kelly B suggests. I come across it all the time in academic articles and it's also used in speech a lot. Here's a couple of examples: Nous avons donc cherché à vérifier la réalité... or nous avons donc demandé aux professeurs However, there are problem about 20 different phrases that mean the same thing. e.g. c'est pour cette raison que, par conséquent, ainsi etc.
  5. candypole Senior Member

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    Sorry, I mean probably, not problem
  6. marcolo

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    Yeah, I don't find fantastic "Donc " at the beginning of a sentence. The meaning is slightly different, it emphasizes the link. It can be used in the conversation.
    For example :

    - Je suis arrivé à Saint-Lazare.
    - Donc, tu as pris le train !

    The second person emphasizes on the deduction, the tone is very different if the persons says rather

    - tu as donc pris le train.

    In that case, it is more a flat statement.
    In a written text, it is similar, you insist if you put "Donc" at the beginning of a sentence. I agree with candypole, 20 ways to say it differently. I prefer

    Par conséquent,
  7. marie7771 Member

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    Shouldn't it be "Alors,......."?

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