There's a Forever 21, an Under Armour, a Kate Spade

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The 9/11 memorial shares the World Trade Center site with the largest shopping mall in Manhattan. There's a Forever 21, an Under Armour, a Kate Spade, and a pair of shoes that I want, but they're too expensive, and my feet are too big, and I'm too tall to wear high heels anyway...
What's Wrong with Capitalism (Part 1), video by ContraPoints

I wonder, if it's idiomatic to put the indefinite article before the names like those:confused: I understand it's "there is ...", but still, would zero article be better?

Thank you.
  • These stores are all branches of a chain. It is entirely natural to use an indefinite article this way when speaking about the branches of a chain of businesses:
    If you want to get some fast food for lunch, there is a McDonald's around the corner, and a Taco Bell down the street.
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