there's a good chance the boy will turn out to be funny.

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27: The Cruelty of Children - This American Life

David Sedaris
"The thing to remember," she said, "is that more than anything in the world these people wish they were white." This was the same teacher who, when announcing her pregnancy, said, "I just pray my first baby is a boy. I'll have a boy, and then, maybe later, I'll have a girl, because if you do it the other way around, there's a good chance the boy will turn out to be funny." (Laugh)

context: David Sedaris is talking about his story when he was young. 'She' was Sedaris' teacher.
Q: I have no idea why people laugh. Thanks in advance.
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    Oooook so "funny" can mean "humorous" OR it can mean "strange" or "odd" as in "Something about that guy's clothes looks funny." The word "queer" is also a word that means "strange" or "odd" and was somewhat used to describe people who were homosexual. By association between these meanings, David Sedaris basically has said that his teacher wanted her first child to be a boy, because if she had a boy after she had a girl, the boy would turn out to be a homosexual. He is essentially highlighting how terrible a person this teacher was because of her bigoted views on race, and many other things including sexual orientation.

    Or at least that's how I'm seeing it.
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