there's more to it than meets the eye

Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by ivanbcn, Oct 15, 2005.

  1. ivanbcn Senior Member

    Italiano - Roma
    1- can you explain what this idiomatic expression means?

    "there's more to it than meets the eye"

    2- with google, I've found
    "there's more to it than what meets the eye"
    is it the same?
    is it a wrong version of the original?

    Grazie a tutti
  2. rom_itn

    rom_itn Senior Member

    Sri Lanka - Sinhalese
    As far as I'm concerned it should be..
    There is more to somthing/somebody than meets the eye

    It could mean that something or somebody is more complicate or less simple than they seem to be.
    Ciao, Rom :)

    N.B : I'm not a native
  3. Manuel_M Senior Member

    I have seen this saying written far more fequently as There is more to it than meets the eye.
    Significa che l'apparenza inganna perche` c'e` di piu' di quanto appare a prima vista. Qualcosa del genere, insomma.
  4. Marcone Senior Member

    Des Moines, IA
    USA English
    Ciao, Ivan.

    The grammatically correct form would be, "More than that which meets the eye," or, "more than what meets the eye," but, as is usually the case, it has been shortened to its incorrect form, "more than meets the eye." It has become an idiomatic phrase, widely accepted despite the bad construction. This is a big problem for those trying to learn English. Much of our language is memorized because all the rules have so many exceptions. Manuel is correct in his interpretation of the meaning.

  5. ivanbcn Senior Member

    Italiano - Roma
    Grazie atutti
    siete stati di grande aiuto
  6. tamadelem Senior Member

    Italy - italian
    Non riesco a capire questa frase... che un personaggio dice a un altro dopo che questo gli ha fatto un velato complimento (uomo e donna in procinto di innamorarsi!)

    "There was more to John than met the eye... a vibrant well-spring beneath the rock!"

    Can anyone help me?
  7. Ka Mate Ka Ora Senior Member

    New Zealand English
    It means something like this

    John had more character than his appearance would suggest

    John era più bravo che l’apparenza suggerisse
  8. bemcalavera

    bemcalavera New Member


    Ancora meglio:
    John aveva più carattere di quanto non dasse a vedere.
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  9. Azazel81 Senior Member

    Italy - Italian
    allora. l'espressione "there's more to (someone) than meet the eye" vuol dire:
    "c'è dell'altro" nel senso che (quando si parla di una persona) non è solo quello che si vede ma c'è dell'altro.

    erm... Al massimo DESSE a vedere... Dasse non è corretto... Il congiuntivo passato di dare è:

    che io dessi
    che tu dessi
    che egli desse
    che noi dessimo
    che voi deste
    che essi dessero
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  10. Paulfromitaly

    Paulfromitaly MODerator

    Brescia (Italy)
    There is more to something than meets the eye = C'è più di quello che si vede a prima vista, delle apparenze, la cosa è più complessa di quanto sembri.
  11. tamadelem Senior Member

    Italy - italian
    Fantastici grazie!
  12. bemcalavera

    bemcalavera New Member

    ops... XD
  13. k_georgiadis

    k_georgiadis Senior Member

    NJ, USA
    English (AE)
    It is listed in the WRF dictionary: piu' di quello che sembra.

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