There's no place for mercy

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It's like when a captured soldier begs his enemy not to shoot him, and the enemy replies: "There's no place for mercy" and boom!
What would you say this line in French? My poor translation is: "I n'y a acunne place pour la pitié".
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    But do you guys have any translation that is formal and closest to "There's no place for mercy"? Actually, this is a line in my presentation this Saturday.


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    Français - France
    Ce n'est pas ce que dirait un soldat en pleine action à mon avis

    or you could change the meaning a little bit and say " On fait pas de sentiments"


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    A better English rendering of the phrase would be "There's no room for mercy here" or "This is no place for mercy."

    If the action really is taking place in the midst of a war, then "There's no room for mercy in war" or "War is no place for mercy" or "The battlefield is no place for mercy."
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