These fishes <get /make> this fish rid of toxic bacterias.

Discussion in 'English Only' started by rapadox, Jan 27, 2014.

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    Good morning people, how would you say this properly?

    First of all, I will give you a context. There is a fish whose name I do not know.There are smaller fishes that live on surface of its body. These fishes:


    a. These fishes get this fish rid of toxic bacterias.
    b. These fishes make this fish rid of toxic bacterias.
    c These fishes make the fish get rid of toxic bacterias. (I think this one means like: The fishes force the fish to do that, but what I mean is that they do the action, not the fish.)
    d. These fishes dispose this fish of toxic bacterias.

    Or is there any more natural form?

    Thank you
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    Hello rapadox; none of your options work, but it is easier than you think: the construction is to rid someone of something, so "these fish rid ..."

    However there are other problems with your sentence: here you just need "these fish" (not fishes); bacteria (a bacterium)* is already plural, so you can't say "bacterias". "These fish ... this fish" is clumsy. "These fish rid the larger one of ...."

    *a bacteria is also acceptable in non-technical usage, but "bacterias" is definitely :eek:.
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    The small fish rid the larger fish of toxic bacteria.

    The plural of fish is fish; bacteria is already a plural (the singular is bacterium).

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