"these kind of results are" or "this kind of results is"

Discussion in 'English Only' started by kindov, Feb 15, 2007.

  1. kindov Member

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    Hello everybody.

    I am not sure about the following. In a paper that I am working on I used this sentence:

    "This kind of results does not demonstrate..."

    However, I was corrected by a friend (native speaker) who suggested:

    "These kind of results do not demonstrate..."

    It is not that I mistrust my friend. I just found the original sentence grammatically more coherent -> Since "kind" is singular, then should not it be "this" (instead of "these") + singular verb form?

    Thanx for your comments on this issue.
  2. Hello kindov,

    You are referring to "results" (plural) not "kind" (singular).

    Therefore your friend's suggestion is correct.

    "This kind of result (singular) does not demonstrate...." is also correct.

  3. kindov Member

    Granada, Spain
    Slovak; Slovakia
    I suppose you must right but I still do not understand the grammatical logic of this expression. I thought that the word "this" referred to the word "kind", in the same way as in, e.g. "this type of cars". Or is this expression wrong,too?
  4. winklepicker

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    I take issue with LRV very nervously: she knows her stuff. But it seems to me that the subject is kind, not results:

    This kind... is...
    These kinds... are...

    But what we expect to see is this kind of result - because the phrase a kind of is usually followed by a singular:

    This kind of result...
    A mallard is a kind of duck...
    These kinds of flower...
  5. panjandrum

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  6. Fear not, Winklepicker. I agree with you. I'm just not used to using "kinds" very often.


    "She tries all kinds of things to get her own way." :)

  7. kindov Member

    Granada, Spain
    Slovak; Slovakia
    Thanks, winklepicker. Finally somebody brought some light into this issue. I was confused by "these kind of..." precisely because I considered "kind" as the subject, not "results".

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