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Hello there!

I've been having this argument with a friend who says that the use of "these ones" is incorrect. He says that "one" is singular and the use of "one" in the form of plural is incorrect. I say it's correct.

For example:

-Which shoes do you like best?
-These ones!

My friend would say: I like these!

Who's right?

Well, I know "I like these" is totally fine... But I guess the question is if "these ones" is correct....

Thank you in advance!
  • The thing is that shoes are not individual things (like pants: there is no such thing as one pant, unless you're out of breath). I mean, when you buy them, they sell you a pair of shoes. One pair. "I like this pair, gift-wrapped, please!"
    But, sorry to say, simply-gris, "these ones" is never correct in standard English. The word "these" can stand alone ("ones" in this case, is redundant.) It is confusing, because we do say "this one" "that one." But the plural of "this one" is "these," and the plural of "that one" is "those."
    It has been discussed before. I support Joelline, but some peope label it as prescriptivism and accept these/those ones.