These people don’t talk, and they don’t leave trials. [trails]

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  1. upgrader Senior Member

    Hi everyone, I am reading "The Pelican Brief", and I don't understand the sentence 'These people don’t talk, and they don’t leave trials.' Here is the paragraph:

    We’ll look under every stone, K.O., but it won’t be easy. If it’s Mattiece, then we’ve got a very wealthy man in a very elaborate plot to use very talented killers to take out two justices. These people don’t talk, and they don’t leave trials. Look at our friend Gavin. We’ll spend two thousand hours digging around that hotel, and I’ll bet you there won’t be a shred of useful evidence. Just like Rosenberg and Jensen.

    My question is 1). who are 'these people'; 2) if 'these people are the dead ones, then what 'they don't leave trials' means? I'm lost in this context.

    Thanks in advance for any help.
  2. Loob

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    Isn't it "they don't leave trails"?
  3. linguos

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    I think that "these people" are the very talented killers referred to in the 2nd sentence of the paragraph you quoted.

    I'm not sure if they're dead but I'd read "they don't leave trails" (there's most likely a typo there as Loob has already suggested) as "they don't leave any signs of what they're doing" = they don't leave any evidence of their mischief which makes it really hard for the detectives to find them. ;)
  4. Mighis

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    What I understand out of the context is that these people don't give away meaning they don't or won't betray their "order-givers", so they excute the order very carrefully and they don't leave traces of residual matter behind.
  5. upgrader Senior Member

    You are so right! Thank you very much.
  6. upgrader Senior Member

    Thank you. It is a typo. My fault. :)

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