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  1. requester New Member

    The phrase "kind of" in English is parenthetical. It means it can be taken out of the text without altering its meaning. Notwithstanding, the remaining words in the text should maintain agreement in number and person.
    Like this:

    these (kind of) people or this (kind of) person

    Consequently, "these kind of people" or "this kind of person" are the correct ways to write these expressions.

    Am I right or wrong?
  2. micafe

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    Wrong. "These" is plural so it would be "these kinds...". The problem is, that sounds unnatural.

    You must say "This kind of people" - "This kind of person"

    Always in singular. "This kind of books/houses/pencils"
  3. Milton Sand

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    Y puedes decir: «These kinds of people». Danos la frase completa (regla 3) para poder decirte qué va mejor.
  4. dudass Senior Member

    Should we say "this kind of people is..." or "this kind of people are..."?

    Thank you.
  5. Agrippa Member

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    Neither is correct.

    You should say:
    These kinds of people are….

    Alternatively, you may say "this kind of person is..."
  6. The Newt

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    Or "people like that are..."
  7. enunciativo New Member

    The Cambridge Grammar of the English Language (5.3.4 [66] ii) considers "these kind" common enough to be "acceptable in informal style". I strongly disagree.

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