They are like unto the gods ...

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Ian Tenor

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Hello -

In preparing a spoken text for a song recital including Schumann's setting of Heine's 'Dichterliebe', I am struggling to put the following phrase into German -

'For me, Schumann and Heine are like unto the gods' (or perhaps 'For me, they are like unto the gods')
- and this in the sense that their work is so wonderful that they are almost godlike. I want to go well beyond saying just that they are my heroes.

A suggestion has been 'Für mich, sind sie Götte' - but I wonder ... ?

Can you help ? Many thanks in advance.

  • berndf

    German (Germany)
    The plural of Gott is Götter, not Götte and no comma after mein. Otherwise it's fine.
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