they are totally fatalistic

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Does the bold sentence mean "Gigantomachies are the biggest series of my works, and on the other hand they have subjects that are difficult to know if they are showing the truth or not, because they are inevitable phenomena themselves"? But it does not make sense.

Leon Golub called his first massive 1960s works on men and war the Gigantomachy. In an interview, he explained his sources:
I began to emphasize ancient sources and started to configure male nudes, warriors or philosophers, partially classical, primitivized, fragmented and eroded, like ancient sculpture. I’ve never been able to envision a world without stress. I don’t see a proleptic vision by which our existence can be redeemed. The Gigantomachies are the most irredeemable of all my work, the most difficult to finally acknowledge because they are totally fatalistic. The one positive aspect is that these figures demonstrate energy and endurance (Art and War by Laura Brandon).
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    My attempt:

    irredeemable = unacceptable in a way that can't be forgiven or compensated

    acknowledge = admit publicly the existence of

    fatalistic = representing the pessimistic belief that an individual can't change the world because everything is governed by bigger forces such as fate
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