They are welcome to come

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England, English
Hi there,

I'm a bit unsure of the translation of 'welcome' in this context, could someone check it for me please:

"They are welcome to come and look at the house any time they like"
"Sono benvenuti a venire a vedere la casa quando per loro va bene"

Thank you!
  • Kraus

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    Italian, Italy
    I'd say "Possono venire a vedere la casa in qualunque momento / quando vogliono"


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    UK, English
    Because "welcome to come" is a set phrase and you can't always translate set phrases literally. ;)
    Exactly. There are a lot of cases where we don't translate "welcome" as "benvenuto":

    to welcome = accogliere
    welcome news (adjective) = una notizia gradita
    "Thenk you" "You're welcome" = "Grazie" "Prego"

    These are not the only translations possible; see here.
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