they celebrate by having a carnival


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Hi I'd like to translate the following sentence into French.
" People from all over Greece celebrate this day by having a carnival."
:idea: Les gens de Grèce entiere celebrent ce jour en organisant un carnaval."

Thanks for your help!
Anna :)
  • christelle1987

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    Is it an event in a particular location, or is it everywhere in Greece?
    If it's the first assumption, maybe: "Des personnes venant de la Grèce entière célèbrent..."
    If it's the second one, then it could be: " Dans toute la Grèce, ses habitant célèbrent / commémorent ce jour-là en péparant / organisant un carnaval"

    I'm curious, what carnival are you talking about?


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    Well. I'm talking about the carnival called "Apokreas", which is to the Orthodox what Mardi Gras and Carnival is to Catholics. It takes place all over Greece with celebrations in all big cities,towns and villages. So im guessing that your second suggestion is more appropriate.
    Thanks :)
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