They couldn't climb up...

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They couldn’t climb up the mountain because of the storm.
A. The storm made it not capable of climbing up the mountain.
B. Their climbing up the mountain was unable due to the storm.
C. The storm made them impossible to climb up the mountain.
D. The storm discouraged them from climbing up the mountain.

I opt both D & C. However, the key is “D.” Is that “C” wrong because we say “make it + adj + to inf” and “it” here is the impersonal pronoun?
Many thanks in advance?
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    I wouldn't say better, just different. The storm made it impossible to climb the mountain. (We know it's them -- no need to mention it, in my opinion, although you can if you like).

    I would drop "up" when referring to climbing a mountain.


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    Another really bad test question!

    A, B, and C are all grammatically incorrect. But D, while grammatically correct, isn't right either, because it does not mean the same as the original statement. They couldn't climb the mountain ("up" is redundant) means that they were unable to do so. The storm discouraged them from climbing the mountain means that they decided not to try; they may or may not have been able to make the climb.
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