They did not help me.


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How do you say: "(They) did not help me"? Do I say "no ayudan mi" because that sounds very non-Spanish if you know what I mean! Any help would be great! Thanks. :D
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  • calzetin

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    No me ayudaron.

    :D ¡Qué bien, me siento útil incluso de viernes!
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    calzetin said:
    No me ayudaron

    :D que bien! me siento util incluso de viernes!

    Hola Calzetín,

    No sé si lo intentes, pero You correct me, me thankful
    suena como Tarzan. If you want to use standard English,
    I believe it would be, "If you correct me, I'll be thankful/grateful."
    " Correct me and I will be thankful."

    If, however, you are trying to be a little bit comical, and point at your status as a student of English, and make people smile, then please keep it as is.

    Best regards,


    Mi corregir Usted, mi agradecido.



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    Thanks for the corrections, Cuchufléte. This time around was intentional. But I do have loads of mistakes... heaps and heaps... millions and zillions.
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