They didn't have oneness among st each other

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I heard a story about four brothers who didn't have love among st them. They didn't like each other at all. So if we have to use this word in a sentence then what is the way to do this? Here is my sentence "They didn't have oneness among st each other" (I know oneness cannot be used here it is wrong. But it is just to give you an idea what I mean.). Do we need to say "They didn't feel belonged to each other"?
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    An idiomatic way would be to say "There was no love lost between them"
    "Didn't have oneness / didn't feel as though they belonged to each other" do not sound right.
    You might say "They were not (at all) close to each other"
    You laptop underlines it because it is largely archaic, and the more modern word to use is "among." However, if you do use "amongst", you need to spell it correctly as a single word, with no space.


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    "They didn't have oneness among st each other" :cross:
    "There was no unity amongst them." :tick: The sentence is grammatical but rather old-fashioned in its style.
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