They doubled up as dearest friends


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Have you missed me?’
‘You’ll probably never know how much, my little Catkin. Drive safely, okay?’
She threw him a retort worthy of Nikki Galena herself, and Dave felt a very unusual emotion well up in him. For the first time in years, he wanted to cry. He supposed it was the shock of the news about Graham, but suddenly his work colleagues, who doubled up as dearest friends, had become very precious to him.
Source: Captive on the Fens by Joy Ellis
Context: Detective Constance (DC) Dave received a call from DC Cat who was assigned to a case in a neighbouring county. Nikki Galena is their Detective Inspector. Graham is another DC who had been missing for two years and was just found.

They doubled up as dearest friends means they are colleagues as well as best friends, right?

Thank you.
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