They give birth to dreams

  • Andoush

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    Spanish (Argentina)
    I love your poems, Spanish Clutz! :)

    "Dan a luz a ilusiones" is fine since this is poetry but for some reason I would prefer "alumbran ilusiones". But please wait for other opinions :thumbsup:...
    Muchas gracias por tu sugerencia Andoush y también por tus palabras amables sobre mis intentos escribir poesía en español. :)

    Pienso que tu lengua es muy bella.

    I was actually thinking about "alumbran ilusions" but shied away from it because everything I read said,"dan a luz" was the most common way to say "they give birth". However, since I wasn't talking about the birth of a person, I wasn't sure that it fit my context... so you have really been a big help to me!

    Te estoy muy agradecida. :thumbsup:

    Adolfo Afogutu

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    Andoush said:
    "alumbran ilusiones
    I like it.
    The problem with "alumbrar" is that it also means "to light", "to illuminate" so it could become ambiguous.
    I agree with you, but poetry is the realm of ambiguity, mi cafe.
    If you want to stick to "dar a luz", Spanish Clutz, you better leave out the preposition "a": dar a luz ideas, pensamientos, etc. "Dar a luz a ilusiones" doesn't sound good to me.
    ¡Hola Micafe!

    It's amazing but I was actually looking for a word that had the connotation of light. You can image my surprise when I discovered that "dar a luz" meant "to give birth". ¡Qué bella!

    I think that the double meaning of "alumbrar" will work well, pero muchas gracias por compartir esta observación conmigo! :)
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