"they had him summoning for jury duty" causative?

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    Why isn't John at worn today?They had him summoning for jury duty. Γραμματικά τι είναι η δεύτερη πρόταση; Causative? Αφού δεν σχηματίζεται έτσι. He has been summoned γιατί είναι λάθος; Παθητική δεν θέλουμε να δείξουμε; Ευχαριστώ για την βοήθεια!
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    Hello again, Chrispa!
    1. Could you be more careful, please. I think you mean, "Why isn't john at worn:cross: (work:confused:) today?"
    2. Παρακαλώ, θέλουμε σωστά, όχι σκάρτα, ελληνικά.
    3. We are not here to do your homework for you.
    4. 'He has been summoned for jury duty' is perfectly correct. 'They had him summoning' is
    :cross:! You can 'have somebody doing something' but it's not correct here.
    5. I used to teach English to Proficiency students in Athens;)! I speak Greek.
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    Ευχαριστω κ παλι.δν ειναι homework.ειναι πραγματα υποτιθεται 'διορθωμενα' απ την καθηγητρια μου κ κανω επαναληψη γιατι σε λιγες μερες δινω για proficiency.κ στο τελευταιο ειχα γραψει οτι ειναι they had him summoning κ σαν σημειωση οτι ειναι causative οταν καποιος ειναι αναγκασμενος να κανει κατι χωρις να το θελει.
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    Chrispa - Hi!

    This might, or might not, help:

    Causative – Get /Have


    (* do – did – done)

    1. Get/Have something done *= somebody else does it for you e.g. I got/had my car fixed (βάλλω κάποιον να κάνει κάτι)

    2. Get somebody to do something/Have somebody do something = I ask someone to do something for me e.g. I got him to send (full infinitive) an e-mail for me/I had him send (bare infinitive)an e-mail for me

    3. Get/Have something done = it’s like 1. but I didn’t want it to happen e.g. I got/had my bike stolen

    4. Have someone doing something = a). something you don’t want to happen e.g. if you keep inviting your friends here, you’ll have them coming for lunch every day!
    b). teaching/encouraging someone to do something e.g. I had them all doing Yoga exercises in the first ten minutes of the lesson!
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    Good luck with your Proficiency exams! It's very difficult. Most British kids wouldn't pass the exam! My Greek students were wonderful:)!

    'He has been summoned/he was summoned for jury duty' is the correct version. It's not causative - it's just passive voice.

    'They had him summoning...' makes no sense to me at all, but, 'They had him summoned...' is possible, in other words, he had something done to him that he didn't particularly want.

    Are your teachers English or Greek native speakers? On both sides, there are good ones and bad ones. At Proficiency level, if you think something is wrong, then go and investigate. This is what you've done! Great! You're a star!

    I am not the 'fount of all knowledge' but I do know some things;)!

    Καλή επιτυχία!
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