they have been overshadowed

Discussion in 'Català (Catalan)' started by debillot, May 7, 2013.

  1. debillot Senior Member

    I'd like to say

    'It seems as though the true values of football have been overshadowed by big sponsorship deals.'

    Would my shot be correct? I'd like to use the subjunctive if possible.

    Sembla que els veritables valors del futbol han estigui eclipsats pels grans acords de patrocini?
  2. Elessar

    Elessar Senior Member

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    I don't know exactly what sponsorship deals mean in this context, but for me it would be more natural to say patrocinadors rather than patrocini. Maybe these would work:

    acords dels patrocinadors
    pactes dels patrocinadors
    tractes dels patrocinadors

    Wait for more responses.
  3. Elxenc Senior Member

    (han estat, present)

    Sembla com si els veritables valors del futbol (l'accent tònic sobre la o) hagin/hagen estat eclipsats pels interessos/desitjos dels patrocinadors.

    Mira a vore si aquesta frase t'agrada.

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