they hummed a bit too much to suit him


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An attendant held the box open, and, chanting the mystic word "Loddlemen!" (which, being interpreted, meant "Lot, gentlemen"), thrust it under the rather bulbous nose of the smart Hebrew; who remarked that "they 'ummed a bit too much to thoot him" and pushed it away.

I am reading a novel written by R.Austin Freeman (Percival Bland)

What does the above sentence mean?
  • booklover.jay

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    Welcome to the forum, Jay:)
    It looks like: they hummed a bit too much to suit him, i.e. they smelt too bad to be to his taste.
    Do you know what's in the box?
    Thank you so much.

    You solved my question.
    In the box, there is a skeleton of human being for auction.

    Thanks again.
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