1. Kettlerr Senior Member

    Les gusto yo.

    Es correcto?

  2. S.V. Senior Member

    Nva. Vizc. Xicuahua
    Español / México
    Unless we're talking about an affection or an attraction, I'd not use gustar.

    They like me.
    [Your girlfriend's friends] = Les agrado.
    They like me.
    [Two single girls you met at a bar] = Les gusto.
  3. micafe

    micafe Senior Member

    United States
    Spanish - Colombia
    In Spanish you don't need to use the subject pronoun. The conjugation tells you who the subject is.
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  4. Giorgio Spizzi Senior Member


    I may be wrong but my impression is that in Kettlerr's sentence the main stress is on the personal pronoun "yo", therefore I wonder whether the notion "It's me they like" can be expressed in Spanish by "Les gusto/agrado yo".

    GS :)
  5. Cenzontle

    Cenzontle Senior Member

    English, U.S.
    As S.V. pointed out, "gustar" between persons can be risky.
    How about "Les caigo bien"?
  6. micafe

    micafe Senior Member

    United States
    Spanish - Colombia
    Actually without a context it's impossible to know if the sentence is emphasizing that it's me they like. But you could be right. :)

    Again, the problem here is the lack of context. We don't really know who they're talking about. However your's is a valid comment. ;)

    That's why we are always screaming "please give us some context!!!" :rolleyes:

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