They lived out Stanley way


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I'm reading a short story by Philippine author Nick Joaquin, 'The Woman with the Two Navels'. This story is about a Philippine exil living in Hong Kong.

The protagonist describes his family and the beach trips they used to make. He contemplates:

When his mother was still alive and they lived out Stanley way, they went swimming during the summers, the four of them that were all the family, to Deep Water Bay.

Nick Joaquin, The Woman with Two Navels and Tales of the Tropical Gothic, New York: Penguin Random House, 2017, p. 71.

It is not revealed where exactly in Hong Kong this family lives. But what does 'lived out Stanley way' mean? Stanley is a small village on Hong Kong island, on the southern shores. Deep Water Bay is close to Stanley. Does it mean that this family lives all the way at Stanley, far from downtown Hong Kong? Or close to Stanley? Or something else?
  • 'lived out Stanley way' -> 'lived somewhere near Stanley' or "lived somewhere that is in the general direction of Stanley". It is deliberately vague.