they were - and remain - landmark lists

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In the last years of the twentieth century (as Wells might have put it), Gollancz, Britain's oldest and most distinguished science fiction imprint, created the SF and Fantasy Masterworks series. Dedicated to re-publishing the English language's finest works of SF and Fantasy, most of which were languishing out of print at the time, they were -- and remain -- landmark lists, consummately fulfilling the original mission statement:
'SF MASTERWORKS is a library of the greatest SF ever written, chosen with the help of today's leading SF writers and editors. These books show that genuinely innovative SF is as exciting today as when it was first written.'

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Would you be so kind as to tell me what exactly 'landmark lists' should mean here?

  • owlman5

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    Hi, Suprun.

    I understand "landmark lists" to mean "important collections of books." Perhaps the writer used "list" because the volumes in those collections can be listed.


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    Do you happen to know if there are two imprints, Suprun? ~ i.e. 'SF Masterworks' and 'Fantasy Masterworks'?
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