"they will be collected by bus at the airport"

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I'm trying to say "they will be collected by bus at the airport"

is it: "ils seront prendre en bus à l'aéroport"

thanks :)
  • jayfiedler

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    "ils seront emmenés en bus depuis l'aéroport", "on les prendra en bus à l'aéroport", "un bus viendra les chercher à l'aéroport" (sounds to be the best one)


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    I'm not sure but doesn't this mean 'a bus will take them to the airport'? Which is the opposite of being collected from the airport.
    No, it means both actually.

    Let's have it differently:

    Á l'aéroport, un bus les prendra.


    "Un bus les prendra / les cherchera à l'aéroport" is also correct
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