they're not as friendly as the southern people

Discussion in 'Deutsch (German)' started by Lorelore7, May 2, 2013.

  1. Lorelore7 New Member

    I'd like to know if I structured well this sentence:

    Zu meiner Überraschung, die Leute sehr nett waren. Aber es wird gesagt, dass die Nordischen so freundlich wie die Südeschen nicht sind.

    To my surprise, people was very nice. but it's said that the nordic people are not as friendly as the ones from the South. Thanks
  2. ablativ Senior Member

    Not quite :)

    Zu meiner Überraschung waren die Leute sehr nett. Aber es wird gesagt, dass Menschen aus dem Norden (or: vom Norden) nicht so freundlich wie die aus dem Süden (or: vom Süden) sind.

    The "aber" does not fit very well. Instead of "aber es wird gesagt", I would say "denn es wird ja gesagt, ..." or (maybe even better): "denn angeblich sind ja Menschen aus dem Norden nicht so freundlich wie die aus dem Süden". This would be a better explanation why you were surprised.
  3. Liam Lew's Senior Member

    Shouldn't it be "were" instead of "was"!
  4. Lorelore7 New Member

    Yes, it's true, big mistake... and thanks a lot ablativ!
  5. Dan2

    Dan2 Senior Member

    English (US)
    Another potential problem with the sentence is that "Nordic people" is not equivalent to "Menschen aus dem Norden". The English word "Nordic" is typically used to mean "Scandinavian". People would not be referred to as "Nordic" simply by virtue of being from the north of some particular country or region. So if you really mean Nordic, then the German has to change, while if you simply mean "people from the north of the country" (or even, "people from the north of Europe"), then the English is wrong.

    I agree with ablativ's objection to "aber"/"but". I think the "logic" of this "but" can be seen in this reformulation of the sentence,
    "It's said that people from the north are not as friendly as those from the south, but to my surprise, (these northern) people were very nice."
    But with "to my surprise" moved to the front, "but" is a little "off".
  6. Bonjules Senior Member

    Hi Dan, Lorelore et al,
    I don't necessarily agree. It depends on what you want to say. If you want - in the context given- make a general statement regarding common conceptions/assumptions about bio/psycho- societal traits and charateristics of the involved populations the 'aber', as a 'precautionary note' would be quite appropriate.

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