They're not gonna slum it with the help

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    I don't understand what the following expression means, "They're not gonna slum it with the help", but the tone of this expression was sort of sarcastic.

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  2. valpaso Senior Member

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    No van a joder con la gente que les ayude...
  3. gurseal Senior Member

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    To slum it significa divertirse, vivir, convivir con la gente pobre. (Slums es más o menos como as favelas.)
    The help se refiere a las criadas, los jardineros, los chóferes entre los otros que sirven a los adinerados.
  4. SydLexia Senior Member

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    "the help", in this context, is a pejorative way of referring to the people who work for you. It implies they have menial tasks and are not creative or important people. Depending on context, it usually means 'maids/doormen/cleaners/etc' but could even be 'anyone you feel is not your equal', in cases of megalomania.

    "to slum it" is to live deliberately/consciously below your 'correct' social position, usually temporarily.

    In the original, someone being accused of class-discrimination, ironically or not.

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    I concur with SydLexia

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